Lee Alliston

I am a producer of film, TV and commercials for the past 15 years, I facilitate films coming to the UK to shoot, I also work as a Line Producer and Production Manager of American films and film based here in the UK. Before this I worked as an actor for 15 years.

Director / Producer

Production Supervisor


Production Manager

Getting Out

A short film featuring Michelle Collins & Lee Alliston

As Terry & Tommy carry out torture to find out where ‘Charlie’s gear’ is, Terry decides he needs to change career to save his marriage. When his wife Chelle returns all hell is about to break loose!

This Darkside Productions short film was acted in and co-produced by Lee Alliston.

Telling Lies

A film featuring Melanie Brown & Lee Alliston

A woman trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend is suddenly caught in the middle of a murder case.

Lee Alliston of Darkside Productions was the Location Manager as well as actor in this film.

The Tapes

Directed by, starred in & co - produced by Lee Alliston

Fame-hungry Gemma asks her boyfriend Danny and his media student mate Nathan to film her Big Brother audition. They hear about a sex party and change course, but soon wish they hadn’t as the party goers turn out to be devil worshipers.

Lee Alliston is a ‘British Actors Equity Member’. You can find out more by visiting the Equity website https://www.equity.org.uk/about-us/

Lee Alliston is a p.g.a member (Producers Guild of America)